Corporate Consulting Services

How effectively do you manage the investment and fiduciary decisions concerning your employee benefit plans and other institutional pools of assets? How do you measure and manage risk and expenses? Do you protect yourself from legal liability by conforming to exacting fiduciary standards of care and objectivity? Do you apply sufficient expertise, resources and objectivity when evaluating your asset allocation, new investment opportunities and actual investment results?

We believe the ability to optimize the performance of any institutional portfolio means having access to in-depth research, unbiased assessments of opportunities and professionals who are confident in their recommendations.

Drawing on the knowledge and experience of your professionals is something you should be able to count on. In changing market conditions and in an expanding regulatory environment, both short- and long-term financial objectives need constant review. With Harbour Bridge Wealth Management Advisors & Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, you have an experienced advisor in our team of investment professionals who conduct the analysis and work directly with you.

We offer our institutional clients fee-based:

  • Investment Selection Analysis
  • Meetings for Investment Analysis
  • Plan Expense Benchmarking Analysis
  • Independent Evaluation of Existing Plans
  • Due DIligence Analysis for Portfolio Companies of Private Equity Firms