Committed to your Success

We believe building successful relationships with loyal clients in a supportive environment is one of the most rewarding aspects of an investment professional’s career. 

When you partner with Harbour Bridge Wealth Management Advisors, you will be celebrating independence, while being supported by a team of professionals who are truly committed to help you accelerate the growth of your practice.  We help simplify your business execution with higher payouts, and supportive partners who can help you build a more rewarding career.

Opportunities to Partner with our Team

We offer three different options to partner with our team.  Our goal is to provide a mutually beneficial environment where you reap the rewards of business ownership without all the challenges of running your own operation.

Join Harbour Bridge Wealth Management Advisors

Over the course of 16 years, we have built a diverse and dynamic office of partners who are enjoyable to work with, passionate about the business and enjoy the comradery that comes from working with a like-minded group of friends.  If you want to explore joining our group, we are currently seeking new financial advisor partners who share our entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to doing what is best for clients.

Simplify with Shared Office Space

If you have been on your own, but miss what a vibrant office can bring to work-satisfaction, or simply want to start your own independent practice, consider our plug-and-play option within our existing office space.  We will provide you with turnkey space to help you develop and grow your business as an independent advisor without worrying about the hassle of leases, service contracts and all the operational overhead that would come by starting from scratch.

Succession and Retirement Planning

If you are interested in planning for a continuity partner, maximizing the value of your business through a succession agreement or looking to formalize a retirement or exit strategy, we can help.  We would love the opportunity to invest in and help you monetize your book of business to help ensure that your clients are well cared for in a manner that could enable you to maximize the value of your business sale.

Getting Started

To have a confidential conversation, please contact, Timothy Erday at 908-273-9625 or email