Strengthening Families by Guiding Them Through Life's Transitions

Significant wealth often gives rise to an array of complexities and challenges – some predictable and others unexpected. Our mission is to help strengthen families by addressing these challenges to meet their personal and family financial needs so they can continue to thrive and preserve assets for future generations.

That’s why many of our clients rely on us to guide them through life transitions, such as retirement, career change, selling a business, business transfer to children, divorce, or inheritance. These life events often have profound financial implications, and clients who are about to enter a new life stage very often need to reconsider and adjust their wealth management strategy.

Seeing the World Through the Lens of True Wealth

We believe real wealth is a combination of significant financial resources, strong family values, and purpose. Our True Wealth Approach extends beyond ordinary investing and wealth management.

It structures wealth into four main quadrants:


Our True Wealth Approach identifies the four quadrants of Core, Experiential, Financial and Contribution. We help clients identify and define their primary goal for each area. These primary goals, known as the four keys, in turn, are utilized to create a true wealth compass. This tool is a valuable resource when navigating the family dynamics associated with having significant wealth. It allows us to develop a more holistic plan that goes beyond ordinary investing and wealth management to cover all aspects of our clients' True Wealth.

By using this expanded definition of wealth and enhancing our clients' ability to have a clearer vision of what they want, the Genesis Private Wealth Management Group helps strengthen families by designing a (true) wealth management plan to achieve those life dreams, goals, and aspirations.