Our clients have worked hard to achieve financial success and look to us to help preserve and grow what they have accumulated

Genesis Private Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors serves an exceptionally accomplished group of business owners, professionals, and corporate leaders. We consider our clients to be our colleagues. Through teaming, we work to help them navigate the complex maze of opportunities and challenges that often accompany having significant wealth. Our clients have worked hard to achieve financial success and look to us to help preserve and grow what they have accumulated. For that reason, we lean strongly towards conservative strategies and emphasize risk management.

Our clients value:


Core Advisory Team

Our Core Advisory Team is designed to help clients strategically manage the key areas that are essential to their financial well-being – making, keeping, enhancing, protecting, and transitioning wealth.


Customized Wealth Management Planning

"A plan is worth nothing, but the planning process is everything." – President Dwight Eisenhower

Our clients appreciate and value our help in identifying, defining, quantifying, prioritizing, and above all, working together to achieve desired results.


Institutional Investment Management Experience

Genesis Private Wealth Management Group seeks risk-adjusted outcomes using the integration of traditional and alternative investments.*


True Wealth Approach

Our True Wealth Approach defines wealth beyond the financial quadrant to include all four quadrants – Core, Experiential, Financial and Contribution. It also includes our advice to help build and provide resources towards a healthy and sustainable family culture.

Our True Wealth Approach provides a structural framework to help address the key issues associated with significant wealth. Ultra-high-net-worth and high-net-worth families will tell you that the most challenging issues often go well beyond the money. The True Wealth Approach helps our clients optimize the other essential quadrants of wealth. Through Teaching, Training, and Mentoring, our clients find success in passing on both wisdom and resources to their younger generations. Our group is uniquely positioned to help address the personal and financial needs of high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, their families, and their various entities.

We serve:


Business Owners

We provide business owners with recommended strategies designed to increase business and personal net worth. If you are growing or selling your operation, we will explain the wide scope of options you have available and assist you in making complex investment decisions.


Corporate Executives

Our team offers guidance to corporate executives for managing concentrated positions, employee stock option exercise and sale, employee stock purchase plans, succession planning, and retirement benefits.



We utilize our extensive expertise and resources to uncover unique insights and develop fully integrated, cohesive solutions for the many different facets of busy professionals’ financial lives.


Family, Friends, & Entities

We offer a comprehensive range of unique resources as an alternative option to a family office and with the confidentiality and familiarity related to existing relationship dynamics. You get the continuity of an established financial services firm without the time and expense of setting up a family office.