Why work with us?

We help empower our clients through an intimate understanding of their unique situation and the utilization of varied tools and strategies implemented with our teams deep knowledge and experience to achieve life long goals and optimize retirement.

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A Brief Team History

Our team was founded nearly 20 years ago by Duane Cooper and Ritchy Scoggin right here in Austin, TX.  Today we have over 130 years of experience, 114 years of marriage, 10 children, 7 grandchildren and 6 dogs.  We manage more than 50 corporate retirement plans where we service more than 4,000 participants, and help 300 families plan for and live in retirement.We have a Sun Devil, New Mexico State Aggie, Minuteman, Commodore, and Bobcat on our team.  We have lived in Austin for more than 136 combined years and we absolutely love helping our clients navigate life's challenges and successes.

"Hope is not a Financial Plan"

-Rick Edelman
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Plan for Retirement

We aim to help people retire on their own terms by creating and maintaining impactful retirement plans through our deep process rooted in listening to, and understanding each client's unique situation as well as our decade’s long experience which allows us to craft specialized strategies for our clients.