Corporate Retirement Services

Currently our team helps to manage more than 50 corporate retirement plans which encompass more than 4,000 employees that range from small local businesses to national corporations.  We help companies set up and administer 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, deferred compensation strategies, and various other retirement platforms. 

401(k) Plans

For most of our client we act as a 3(21) Investment Fiduciary on their 401(k) plans, as well as serving as a hub of communication between the many different parties that can be involved in the day to day operations of a plan.  We work with a variety of colleagues in the record keeping and third party administration spaces that allow us to offer competitive pricing and incredibly flexible strategies to our clients.

Pensions, Cash Balance, and Deferred Compensation

While the standard 401(k)'s are the most common, our teams experience really shines with more complex plans that include some form of pension plan, or even a non-Erisa plan component such as deferred compensation.  These tools allow us to truly create something tailor made for each individual companies needs.
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Our 3 Goals for your plan

When we consult on a plan, or are asked to review a plan we always look for 3 core things that we try to improve on.  First, does the plan work, will the plan as written allow for the employees to retire on time and for the participants to participate fully in the plan.  Second we look at plan service, is there a way that we can help tweak or change the service model in order to help the plan work better for the participants and employers.  Lastly we look at the plan design, are there structural changes that need to be made, are the various companies working on the plan in need of replacement, are the fees in line?  A great fit for us is a client whom we can help improve the participation in the plan, increase the service level, lower fees and attract or retain high level talent for by adjusting their plan.