Our Investment Approach

As with everything in our practice we start by listening to our clients.  We take the goals and dreams shared during these meetings and carefully construct a cohesive investment plan to help our clients navigate from where they are today to where they want to be in the future.

To help with this process we generally start by working through three main investment goals: Total Return, Yield Focused, and Tax Managed investments.

Total Return Investments

This type of investing focuses on long term growth. Can be generally seen in someone who is investing for a retirement that is 10 or more years in the future.

Yield Focused Investments

This type of investing is focused on creating a current stream of income.  This can generally be seen by investors who are retired or are needing to rely on thier investments for income.

Tax Managed Investments

These are tax efficient investments targeted to lower potential tax exposure.  Generally this type of investment is owned by someone trying to lower their current tax burden, or avoid moving up in tax brackets.

Wells Fargo Advisors does not provide tax or legal advice.

Risk Profile

Once we have determined the clients investing goal or goals, we seek to identify their risk level.  There is inherent risk in all forms of investing, and we work to identify how much risk is appropriate for each client.  We work through a comprehensive risk assesment tool to make sure we are aligning each client to the correct risk level.
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Monitoring the Investments

Once a client is paired with a portfolio based on their objectives and risk level, our real work starts.  We continually monitor the investments in the portfolio, as well as the clients objectives and risk tolerances.  With this ongoing level of scrutiny we can make adjustments as needed in a prompt manner.
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Working Together

While no investment is perfect, and investing carries with it inherent risk, we strive to work alongside our clients in order to deliver the best investment experience possible.  Through an ongoing dialect, and continuous monitoring we work together towards the clients ultimate goals.