Working With Foundations

Expertise. Objectivity. Accountability.

Foundations need objective advice they can rely on. Trustees or directors are fiduciaries, meaning they have an obligation to prudently oversee the assets of the foundation they serve. We help provide a sustainable client process that helps guide fiduciaries in making prudent investment decisions on behalf of their organization.


Our commitment to you

We are committed to delivering exceptional advice and service, drawing on the resources of one of the nation’s largest financial services companies.


We provide objective and unbiased advice

Our recommendations are objective and unbiased. Our open architecture platforms provide access to hundreds of thoroughly researched investment managers.


Our firm’s resources are deep and multidimensional

Wells Fargo Advisors strategists, analysts and consultants include some of the brightest experts in the financial services industry under one umbrella, bringing you unique insights and timely advice.


Our goal is to help your foundation succeed financially


Before presenting our recommendation we listen to you and gain an understanding of your organization’s needs and objectives. We will review your investment policies and your current investment strategies in light of rapidly changing global capital markets.



We will recommend complementary, appropriate and durable investment strategies that can help accentuate the risk/return benefits of asset allocation and are consistent with your investment policies.


We will present for your consideration specific investment strategies along with research that supports our recommendations. We’ll have an open discussion to gauge your thoughts and feedback and make any adjustments accordingly.



Our team reviews the progress of your investment portfolio’s assets relative to your goals. We will evaluate and measure the performance of individual strategies as well as the portfolio as a whole. We will meet with the Board semi-annually at minimum and recommend adjustments as changes occur at the individual strategy level, in the global capital markets, and in your organization’s goals.





* Asset allocation cannot eliminate the risk of fluctuating prices and uncertain returns.

Services to help your organization achieve it’s goals.