Our clients

Although we’re open to serving the wealth management needs of people from all walks of life, we specifically focus on working with:


Our team focuses on working with clients who regard wealth as a means and not an end goal. 

Compatibility between clients and their advisors is critical to the success of a wealth management relationship. And we understand that compatible outlooks and attitudes are key to our team’s ability to serve our clients well. That’s why we believe that understanding clients’ big picture goals, and identifying the values we share with them, is a critical step in determining whether we’re a good fit for one another.

Here are the attributes we value and that typically characterize our individual clients: 


Wealth is a serious goal for our clients, but it is not the end in itself. They tell us that their financial goals are important because they will assure personal freedom, security, opportunity, and the ability to pursue a fulfilling life. The clients we serve have a clear vision of what their wealth will allow them to achieve for themselves and others, and they take actionable steps to bring that vision to life.


Four our clients, the purpose of wealth is not simply about personal consumption or status. Rather, it’s a tool that will help them share their abundance with family members, their communities, and non-profit organizations that address issues and needs they care about. Our clients often use their wealth to turn their beliefs into action. 


Strong communication is the lifeblood of any relationship, and the people we work with seek communication that is bilateral, regular, candid, and actionable. We are committed to collaborative advisor/client relationships which provide the space for challenging discussions. We appreciate opportunities to learn and grow, as we stay in touch with our clients’ interests. 

Investors, not speculators 

Our clients take a long-term view and maintain a corresponding investment time horizon. They remain focused on valuations and are less influenced by near-term market action.


Most investors realize that risk management is elemental to the investment process. And the investors we work with know that risk is best managed in advance of events, not in reaction to them.

Learners and innovators 

Our clients are endlessly curious and dedicated to being “lifelong learners.” They value in-depth discussion and wide-ranging views and use their knowledge to better their lives and communities. Occasionally, we bring our clients together to exchange perspectives and learn from each other.


Our clients have worked to be where they are today. Often, they have created first-generation wealth emanating from private business ownership, equity compensation from an executive role, or professional partnership income.