Second Opinion Service

How do you know that your investments are being managed in accordance with your investment objectives? Many people we meet are not completely satisfied with their portfolio's performance or the financial advice they are receiving. Some are working with an investment advisor but are now considering a change. Others are satisfied with their advisor, but feel it’s time to take another look at other investment strategies.

Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes can see what others may miss. Our Second Opinion Service may be just what you need to help ensure your portfolio is designed to meet your current investment objectives. This service is offered free of charge to those investors who may question their own financial situation, and how their financial accounts are doing.

Your financial health is like your physical health. If you were faced with a major medical condition, or surgery, you might see several doctors to render their professional opinion. Don’t your life savings merit the same degree of scrutiny? We think so.

Our Second Opinion Service will provide a non-threatening and non-judgmental opportunity to voice questions about your portfolios performance, the fees you are paying, and the products that may have been sold to you.

Our evaluation will include analysis in the following areas:
  • Appropriate exposure to risk based on your risk tolerance
  • Proper diversification
  • Portfolio's overall performance based on level of risk
  • Fees and expenses
  • Suitability based on age
  • Liquidity
Please accept our invitation for a confidential second opinion of your family’s investments, IRA’s, trust accounts, and more. It’s free, and a second set of professional eyes may uncover information critical to your long-term financial strategy.