What is a PIM Portfolio Manager?

Benefits of the PIM Program

The Private Investment Management Program is geared toward your specific investment goals. It is designed for investors who:

•  Desire a personalized and active approach to asset allocation

•  Prefer a portfolio manager who can make discretionary decisions on their behalf

•  Seek long-term portfolio management through diversification while managing underlying investment costs

•  Seek flexibility in building and maintaining a portfolio using a diverse selection of investments

•  Value a high level of professional services and personal attention

Working with a PIM Portfolio Manager frees your time and puts your investment allocation in the hands of trained professionals. And of course, your needs and goals always remain at the center of your investment plan.

*The PIM program may not be suitable for all investors. Please carefully review the Wells Fargo Advisors advisory disclosure document for a full description of our services. The minimum account size for this program is $50,000.