Our client relationships have stood the test of time

Our relationships are based on a foundation of goal-oriented planning, clear communication and exemplary service. We are dedicated to our craft and we put our clients’ best interest first. Our value proposition includes communication, charging a fair fee and remaining objective and transparent.

Our experience enables our team to thoughtfully advise our clients and respond to any personal and economic changes. We provide our clients guidance beyond investments.

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The foundation of relationships is communication. Before we can help you formulate a course of action or bring you a solution, we need to understand who you are, what motivates you and what keeps you up at night. Equally important, you need to understand who we are, how we approach wealth management and how we arrive at our solutions. The objective of our initial meeting is for you, our client, to become familiar, comfortable and confident with The Jeffers McGuinness Group.
Discovery and goal setting is all about you. Our comprehensive discussion revolves around learning what is most important to you: goals, values, investment timelines, tolerance for risk, family dynamic, opportunities and challenges. During the discovery and goal setting meeting we will collect information about your assets, liabilities, insurance and estate strategies.
Our solutions are customized with your best interest always at the forefront. After learning about what is most important to you, we use our depth of knowledge, experience and resources to present personalized, actionable solutions aimed to help you succeed.
Wealth management is an evolving process.  As your life moves forward, your needs and goals will change. The markets are always changing. With clearly defined goals and scheduled reviews of their portfolio, our clients have the confidence to stick with their plan even during the inevitable rough patches. You stay on course because we help build customized plans that stand the test of time.