What the KFG Is Up To

GSK Hiking
Geoffrey and his wife, Catherine, hiking in Utah.
Brian & Martina
Brian and his wife, Martina, with good friends at the Palos Verdes Arts Center.
Rod Girls - Mila
First day of school for Megan's daughters, Mila (5th grade) and Nellie (3rd grade).
Rod Girls - Nellie
Sandy was finally able to take her husband, Leif, on his belated 40th birthday trip to Japan after being postponed twice due to pandemic travel restrictions.
BR Bruins
Geoffrey on a fishing trip with his father-in-law, Phil. Looks like they caught dinner!
Union Station
Brian and Martina on vacation at the river in Parker, Arizona.
Sandy Telluride
Megan and her family at the beautiful Napali Coast in Kauai, Hawaii.
Sofi Stadium
Sandy’s youngest brother, Angel, helped the team and learned valuable skills while interning with us for the week.