Our process begins with you. The goal is to engage you in the process of planning. It starts with a conversation.

Financial Advisor meeting with clients

1) Identify what is most important to you

Our first meeting has a simple agenda:  we get to know each other and determine if there is a good fit. We learn about you and your personal situation and discuss what is most important to you, and your goals for the future. We share information about our team, our process-oriented discipline and answer any of your questions.  

Our goal is to gain your trust and confidence so we can help you plan for and achieve your future hopes and dreams.
Financial Advisor going over paperwork with client

2) Understand your current situation

During the next meeting, we begin gathering the information and details of your current financial situation. We start with your life and plan your money around it. Our comprehensive evaluation includes understanding your:
  • Asset allocation requirements

  • Risk tolerance

  • Dreams and priorities

  • Retirement goals

  • Estate and tax-efficient planning strategies


3) Create and implement your plan

Next, we build your customized wealth plan based on our distinct required rate of return approach. We take into consideration your goals, priorities and the required rate of return you need to achieve your goals, without taking unnecessary risk.

4) Review & update your plan

Planning is not a one-time event. It’s a process. We can meet with you to review and adjust your plan, so it stays up to date and in sync with your changing life.

If your goals or financial circumstances change, or the markets fluctuate, we are available to meet with you and can make adjustments to your plan and measure the impact on reaching your goals.