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If you are not already a valued client, we invite you to experience the skill and dedication of a team built on integrity, client service and a spectrum of services for individuals, families and institutions, and their assets. 

Investment Management & Review for Our Advisory Accounts • Retirement Income Planning • Estate Investment Strategies

Life Insurance & Long-Term Care • Debt Management

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* Wells Fargo Advisors is not a legal or tax advisor. However, we will be glad to work with you, your accountant, tax advisor and or lawyer to help you meet your financial goals. Any estate plan should be reviewed by an attorney who specilizes in estate planning and is licensed to practice in your state. Insurance products are offered through nonbank inusrance agency affliates of Wells Fargo & Company and are underwritten by unaffilitated insureance companies.

Our Approach

We begin with the end in mind, then develop an appropriate asset allocation designed to help you get to where you want to be with the least amount of risk. We take great pride in staying in constant contact with our clients and welcome their feedback.

Our clientele is comprised of affluent families, corporate executives and successful business owners who value the comprehensive, customized financial management approach we bring to the relationship.

We have extensive experience assisting high-net-worth clients with concentrated stock strategies, retirement and estate investment planning, and private money management. We also focus on liability management and connecting our clients with the appropriate lending services through Wells Fargo affiliates.
Asset Allocation does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.

Fee Structure

The Summers Investment Group is committed to providing you with a straightforward and open approach to fees. Our core belief is that you should have access to a clear understanding of the costs you incur. Equally important to us is ensuring that our interests are aligned with yours. That is why we offer a transparent advisory fee structure that is determined by the size of the portfolio we handle on your behalf.

Tyler’s fee structure is different than Lees because their clientele varies

“Contrary to popular belief, the misconception that one requires a substantial amount of capital to engage an advisor persists. My passion extends beyond only assisting individuals in the middle age to retirement phase; I also strive to support the younger generation in initiating their investment journey. By doing so, they can have the potential of seeing compounding interest and its ability to positively impact an individual or an entire family’s financial well-being.” -Tyler

Tyler’s Structure

Fee Structure.jpg

Lees Structure

Lee has chosen to exclusively onboard a limited number of new clients who possess investible assets exceeding $1,000,000. The fees charges to clients will vary depending on the specific level of service they desire or require, ensuring a tailored and personalized approach to meet their individual needs.