Ethics & Transparency


Clients place their trust in our expertise, integrity and diligence.

In return we are accountable to always serve our clients’ best interests. The standards to which we abide emanate from the duty of loyalty. We will serve and protect our clients’ best interests and make the duty of care our priority, applying professional skill and prudence in all endeavors on behalf of our clients. These duties are found in federal and state laws and regulations and in the codes of ethics and conduct of the professional organizations that award the industry credentials that our professionals hold. 

We also hold ourselves personally accountable to a rule of conduct greater than any promulgated by man – The Golden Rule:  to treat our clients as we want our families and loved ones to be treated. It means speaking up and saying something isn’t right even if it means challenging authority. It means if something is worth doing, do it well. It means finishing what we start and doing what has to be done. It means listening more and talking less but when we speak, our word is our bond.  It means the best “things” in life aren’t things. They are helping people realize their dreams, potential and purpose in life and it means knowing the difference between right and wrong and that there is no in between.

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