Our Process

Discussions about money -- between spouses, between parents and their children, between adult children and their parents, between business partners and colleagues, between employers and employees and unfortunately between people and some financial advisors – can be difficult.

Talking about money can be complicated and messy.  The messages sent can be unclear and ambiguous, condescending and judgmental, embarrassing and misinterpreted and almost always are emotional and personal.

That is why we take a very different approach than some financial advisors.  Our relationships are based on humble inquiry – our sincere and genuine interest and curiosity in the lives and stories of our clients.  Understanding each client’s unique situation -- their feelings, emotions and perspective – is a critical prerequisite to rendering sound financial advice and counsel.       

Our clients will always find a safe, unhurried, empathetic and confidential listening space in our offices and in all our interactions.

Learning from what clients share with us, we go to work:  studying, testing, analyzing and modeling investment and wealth management strategies designed to help them meet their needs and achieve their objectives.

When our work is complete, we present our findings and recommendations in plain English and with our clients’ permission we will implement their plans in an objective, unbiased and cost-effective manner.

We can then review and evaluate the performance of our clients’ plans as needed and we will recommend adapting as material changes occur within public policy and financial markets or the lives of our clients or their families.

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