Investment Philosophy

Investment Strategy


The engine behind the plan requires investing and a strategy that puts careful thought in the allocation and execution of capital.

Our beliefs come from decades of learning through all market environments.  We are keenly aware of what is necessary to successfully invest for our clients.  As a result, a strategy emerged with an understanding that investment behaviors may be rewarded when discipline and self-control prevail.  Unfortunately, some behaviors and tendencies are all too common:

  • Chasing performance.

  • Timing the market.

  • Being influenced by market noise, otherwise known as headline risk.

  • Being swayed by human emotion.

Most people are very much self-aware and find these precepts to be reasonable and logical yet fall prey to them nonetheless.  That is why clients seek our guidance for the development of: 

  • An investment plan that serves their unique and evolving needs and ability to assume risks.

  • A broadly-diversified portfolio of investments selected on the basis of evidenced-based research.

  • Cost-effective and tax-efficient investment strategies and solutions.*

We will review and evaluate the performance of our clients’ plans and we can make adjustments as necessary in light of material changes in the market.  We will utilize evidenced-based research and of course, whenever our clients experience material changes or transitions in their lives we will always take then into consideration.

*Wells Fargo Advisors is not a legal or tax advisor.

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