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Black Brook Wealth Advisors is a well-recognized wealth management practice located in Parsippany, New Jersey. We have specialized experience in developing comprehensive, results-focused financial strategies for our clients. While we work with clients of all different types, we have developed a specialty working with small business owners. We believe it is the depth of experience that makes our team different from others. We strive to provide the best of a high-tech, high-touch experience by utilizing advanced tools, 24/7 account access, and personalized service.

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Committed to Your Prosperity

We work with you to develop an investment plan to help achieve long-term investment success by constructing a properly diversified portfolio that is designed to provide maximum return potential based on your personal risk tolerance, investment time horizon, and objectives.

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What are your most important financial goals?

The Envision® process offers you an effective way to identify your highest-priority goals and develop an investment plan designed to provide you with the wealth you need to live life the way you want.

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What is customized portfolio management?

Black Brook Wealth Advisors offers discretionary portfolio management for investors who seek the flexibility to efficiently build and maintain a customized portfolio using a diverse selection of investments.

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Have you prepared the next generation?

Our multigenerational investment planning approach allows us to build relationships with your family to help them understand the challenges of investment planning and properly managing inherited wealth.

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