How I Differ From Other Advisors

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My Commitment

  • My promise is to constantly work to understand your financial needs while simultaneously encouraging your personal ambitions.
  • My pledge is to provide a consultative forum to help keep you appraised on the progress of your uniquely engineered investment plan.
  • My goal is to help craft a wealth management roadmap to ultimately help create a legacy both during your lifetime and should circumstances allow, through multiple generations of your family.
  • My assurance is to respect confidentiality and most impotantly your privacy.
  • My vow is to provide you and your family with a positive experience.

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My Methodology

My approach to helping manage prosperity is to craft a broad blueprint designed around guiding your family's financial wellbeing by,
  • Engineering a comprehensive investment plan designed to identify and bridge any financial gaps that could prevent achieving your vision for tomorrow.
  • Assist in defining your goals by designing and creating a personal roadmap to help you traverse life’s multiple investment challenges.
  • Guiding the people, you care most about to help ensure that they too are on a track designed to secure their own financial futures..
  • Maintaining objectivity by employing strategies tailored exclusively to your aspirations.
  • Providing guidance using a multi-generational approach to managing your affluence.
  • Stressing a sound, disciplined and integrated wealth management experience.
  • Facilitating in creating the financial legacy you and your family deserve.
  • Helping navigate your eventual transition to the work-optional lifestyle.
  • Practicing effective ongoing communication with you and your family.

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My Strengths

 I believe critical to building strong lifetime relationships is listening to understand each client’s current financial needs to fully appreciating the significance placed on their aspirations.

Advocate: Deliver client value on a personal level, beyond just their financial wellbeing, by making a conscious effort to recognize “who” and “what” is most important to them.

Educator: Educate clients on the interaction between global economies and world financial markets to help them appreciate the reasoning behind our recommendations and strategies.

Value: I have developed a wealth management process to assist us in catching any changes to life’s circumstances and statute that could affect each clients’ personal wellbeing.

Access: A member of our team is always available during business hours with additional access available to me after hours should an emergency, or unexpected need, arise.

Passion: My team and I bring a passionate, positive, and consistent client experience.

Service: We deliver a customized Client Service Plan specifically designed to the needs of each individual client relationship.

Approachable: We offer an open line of communication that allows our clients, or their families, to easily speak with any associate and enjoy the experience while doing so.

Guidance: I pragmatically approach understanding each client’s distinctive situation to help guide them on a broad spectrum of personal and financial issues unique to their needs.

Analysis: I employ nine key wealth disciplines to managing prosperity by leveraging a comprehensive investment planning process to help develop customized financial strategies tailored to each circumstance.

To hear how we can build a successful relationship together, or to learn about my other personal wealth management disciplines including my lifestyle continuity process, please feel free to contact me for an initial conversation, or to schedule a private briefing.

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