Continuity Group of Wells Fargo Advisors is a Northwest-based wealth management team committed to working hard and putting clients first. In 1999, Jerry Rouleau and Brian Bevans, formed a team built on integrity, trust, service and hard-work while always putting clients’ interests first. In 2008, Dominic Corleto, joined the team with a goal of strengthening the team’s specialized focus and upholding the values it was built on.

Since then, our team has continued to grow, adding the next generation of advisors who embody the team’s values and are industry thought-leaders, enabling us to serve clients comprehensive needs along their entire financial journey, seeking to provide continuity in their experience. That’s why we evolved our name to Continuity Group, to be more aligned with our values. A steadfast, dependable partner, continually serving you and your family for generations.

Drawing on the full strength of Wells Fargo Advisors an industry-leading, full-service firm together, we bring a long history of commitment to clients with the strength of a Fortune 500® company.

Our Story

Our team is one of the highly successful teams within Wells Fargo Advisors, with over twenty-five years of industry experience, professional credentials, and focus on every aspect of wealth management.

But there’s more to us than that. Our foundation is integrity, and our vision is to bring that integrity to our work, one relationship at a time.

Today it can seem like every relationship is temporary, focused on the needs of the moment without any thought for what happens tomorrow. We’re here to raise the standard — the standard of trust, the standard of service, the standard of relationship. In a world that seems incapable of seeing past today, we have our eye on tomorrow and beyond as we work with you to design, review, and optimize each client’s personalized wealth plan. 

We believe the best investment plan for you depends on your unique dreams, goals, and values. We take the time to work individually with each of our clients, applying our consistent process to craft a personalized strategy for your life.

We take pride in our intellectual capital — the knowledge, resources, and industry experience that makes us who we are — and pleasure in sharing it with our clients. Day and night, we have our eyes on the market and our minds on your portfolio, putting our knowledge to work to secure your financial future to help you live the life you want.

Most of all, we believe our word means something. We say what we’re going to do and we do it. Our clients are our friends, and we are the resource they count on for knowledgeable, forward-thinking advice — not just today but for life.

Doing what you love is time well spent

You have meaningful goals. Our team can help you reach them. Our first step is to listen to you to understand where you are on your financial journey and where you want to go next.

The Team

Our advisors are accomplished listeners. Advice that doesn’t start with your personal goals is bad advice. That’s why our first step is to listen to you — to understand where you are on your financial journey, and where you want to go next.

We are seasoned advisors. We have the experience and resources to counsel you on everything from investments and insurance to estate investment planning, retirement, and tax investing issues. Whatever your needs, we help you navigate risks and rewards, giving you a clear picture so you can invest with confidence.

Gerald Rouleau

Branch Manager,
Financial Advisor, QPFC®
Managing Director – Investments

Brian Bevans

Financial Advisor, AIF®
Managing Director - Investments

Dominic Corleto

Private Wealth Advisor
c(k)P®, CRPS®, CRPC®, AIF®, IPFC®
Senior Institutional Consultant
Managing Director – Investments

Lucas Widoff

Financial Advisor, CFP®
Institutional Consultant
First Vice President – Investment Officer

Haley Thomas

Financial Advisor, CFP®
Institutional Plan Fiduciary Consultant
Vice President – Investment Officer
Tom Bio Pic.png

Tom Birk

Financial Advisor
First Vice President – Investment Officer

Tyler Bevans

Financial Advisor, CRPC®
Associate Vice President – Investment Officer

Frederick Sernatinger

Financial Advisor, CRPC®, CRPS®.

Wendy Cheney

Senior Registered Client Associate
Vice President

Stephanie Spriggs

Senior Registered Client Associate
Assistant Vice President

Julie Skinner

Senior Registered Client Associate
Assistant Vice President

Allison Nelson

Senior Registered Client Associate
About.14.AndrewWeber.900x900 copy.jpg

Andrew Weber

Registered Client Associate

Natasha Russell

Registered Client Associate

Retired Members of our Team


Howard Widoff

Financial Advisor
First Vice President
Investment Officer

Terry Eyre

Senior Registered Client Associate – Retired.