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Our ultra-high net worth clients are brilliant, high-achieving, individuals many of whom have the intelligence to manage their assets, however, they have the wisdom and discernment to recognize both the value of their time spent on pursuing the things they are most passionate about and the tremendous resources our team brings to bear which cannot be replicated by a single individual. Our clients are our friends and we are their trusted wealth partner.
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LifeSync®, our approach to support your financial needs

LifeSync helps you sync your finances with your values, priorities, and goals into one cohesive lifelong experience that evolves with you. It’s how we approach advice and planning. Our goal is to provide an experience that empowers you to help you make informed, confident decisions and adjust as your goals and life may change.

There are five stages in the LifeSync experience to help you answer questions most important to you — whatever your journey:

Step 1: Understand

We listen and ask questions to discover who and what is important to you. This helps you define your values, goals, and priorities.

Step 2: Plan

I can create a personalized plan to connect the pieces of your financial life using robust technology to simplify complex planning. Collaboration between you and our team is a key part of fine-tuning the plan to clarify goals and set the stage for the future.

Step 3: Propose

You will have choices to make. LifeSync helps you compare your options and make informed decisions with the help of “what if” scenarios.

Step 4: Implement

It’s time to put preparation into action. Your plan may include custom solutions and strategies to help you move the needle closer to achieving your goals.

Step 5: Revisit

As your life changes — as it inevitably will — LifeSync helps make it easier for you to adjust a plan through actively connecting with our team and access to mobile technology
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Retirement Planning

How will you spend the last third of your life? Will you continue to work in your current job? Start a business? Volunteer your time? Spend more time with family and friends? Travel the world? Many retirees are living longer, healthier, and more active lives, but there are challenges to living the life you imagine. No matter your age, reaching your retirement goals means planning for them now. It is important to compare the costs associated with the lifestyle you imagine to the income you expect from all sources during retirement. Our team has the tools, technology and expertise to address and plan your successful retirement. Start the Conversation >  

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Investment Planning

By planning your investments around life events that hold real meaning for you, our team’s process can connect you to your investment strategy in a refreshing, revealing, and personal way. Life happens and things can change rapidly, our team, coupled with leading technology can keep you apprised of that critical financial question, “How am I doing?” Start the Conversation >
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Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is the process of diversifying your assets among different asset classes such as cash or cash alternatives (e.g., money market funds), fixed-income securities (primarily bonds), equities (stocks and stock mutual funds), as well as real assets (real estate) and complementary or alternative strategies (hedge funds). How you divide your assets among these broad categories often affects the fluctuations in your portfolio’s value and overall performance. By allocating assets across several categories, you can potentially reduce risk and increase the chances of attaining your long-term goals. Your time horizon is critical in determining your proper asset allocation.*AA  Start the Conversation >
wealth management

Wealth Management Advice

You can count on our team to work closely with your full advisory team CPA or tax advisor, legal advisor and others you trust to help guide your financial future. Of course, this will be done only with your approval and respecting the confidentiality and privacy of each discipline. Each discipline brings a unique perspective to your tax, portfolio design and investment planning picture. By combining the expertise of various professionals, you can improve the chances of achieving your goals. We can help you and your advisors implement appropriate ideas through re-registration of assets, investment of assets (perhaps through a trust), Trustee services, and tax reporting. Start the Conversation > 
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Tax Strategies

The broad scope of tax legislation that has become law over the past several years has prompted many higher-income taxpayers to take a closer look at their tax situation. Since some tax changes are permanent and some are temporary, it is important to remain focused on your long-term objectives. Our team will develop and manage an asset allocation strategy that will help you work toward your goals, keeping in close touch with you and your tax advisor to keep you abreast of the latest tax provisions. We are always mindful of tax considerations when implementing your investment strategy and making any adjustments to your investments, paying close attention to what you will keep versus what you will pay in taxes. Start the Conversation >
Estate Planning

Estate Planning

A well-designed estate plan can bring confidence that you and those for whom you care most will enjoy the security of your assets. If you should become incapacitated or die, an estate plan lets you address specific needs or problems, such as avoiding delay and frustration in estate settlement, providing for dependents with special needs, benefiting a charity, or helping to meet unique asset transfer goals you specify. A well-developed estate plan may include; wills, durable power of attorneys and trusts and help minimize taxes, court costs, and unnecessary legal fees that may be associated with probate. We will work with your estate planning professionals to help ensure your investment plan is in line with your estate planning goals.*EP  Start the Conversation >
Education Planning

Education Planning

Whether your children or grandchildren are toddlers or teenagers, it’s only a matter of a time before they leave the family home, probably as they head off to college. The cost of sending just one child to college for four years can be staggering, and tuition and fee hikes regularly outpace inflation. Rather than sending your children or grandchildren into the world with the burden of student-loan debt, you can save to help cover at least a portion, if not all, of their higher-education expenses. Fortunately, parents who intend to cover or contribute to their children’s education costs have more choices today than they’ve ever had. Our team can help you navigate the various education savings vehicles, including 529 plans, Education Savings Accounts (ESAs), and custodial accounts. Start the Conversation >
impact investing

Investing with Purpose / Impact Investing

A growing number of clients are asking for investments which align with their personal convictions, or achieve a broader impact on their community, while simultaneously meeting financial objectives. A broad array of options now exist for clients to invest in companies they believe in, avoid companies they don’t, and participate in strategies that aim to mitigate environmental, social, and governance risks. For the most part, responsible investing can be divided into three categories; Exclusionary or Restrictive, Impact, Thematic and Sustainable, and Integration and Risk Lens: ESG. Determining which of these strategies is best for you can be an overwhelming process. Our team is here to help ensure your investments align with your values and fit within the broader context of your investment plan. Start the Conversation >
risk management

Risk Management & Insurance Services

Whether its life, disability, long term care or key-person, our team can create and implement tailored insurance strategies to help meet your unique needs. Life insurance needs generally fall into three categories —protection, long-term savings and estate conservation. As protection, life insurance can financially safeguard your family by providing a continuation of income in the event of your death, letting them maintain their current standard of living and meet future financial goals. For estate conservation, life insurance can help offset expenses that your heirs must pay at your death, thus preserving your family’s accumulated wealth.*RM Start the Conversation >
Equity Strategies

Concentrated Equity Strategies

Holding a large position in one stock increases your risk level compared to a well-diversified portfolio. As a general rule, we recommend a well-diversified equity portfolio should hold no more than 10% of your total portfolio value in one security and no more than 30% in any one sector. An asset allocation model, risk tolerance and other considerations may also impact these percentages. Consider discussing with our team the strategies available to help manage your concentrated positions. Start the Conversation >
wealth transfer

Wealth Transfer Planning

Wealth transfer planning is about creating a custom plan for the control and benefit of your wealth during your lifetime, in the event of incapacity, and upon your death. The personal decisions of who is in charge, who benefits, and how they benefit are entirely up to you. A comprehensive approach with a strong advisory team including your tax and legal professionals will help you decide; whether to transfer assets, how much to transfer, which assets, the amount of exemption to use and when to transfer. Our team will help ensure your custom plan is carried out effectively and efficiently, that assets remain protected for the heirs, and that taxes can be kept to a minimum. Start the Conversation >
Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving

While many charitably minded individuals spend a lot of time choosing the causes they want to support, many overlook the various ways they can most efficiently give. The majority of charitable contributions are made by cash or check. Depending on your particular financial situation, cash can be the least beneficial method of giving – for you, the donor, and for your charitable recipients. This is true particularly when you have other appreciated assets to choose from. Our team will help educate you on the tax benefits and implications of donating non-cash assets, while keeping the context of your overall portfolio in mind—helping you build a smarter, more holistic investment plan. Start the Conversation >
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Alternative Investments

Pensions, endowments, and institutions have long incorporated alternatives in their asset allocation framework. Some individual investors, however, may not be familiar with these important investment tools, resulting in portfolios that have exposure limited solely to traditional assets, such as stocks and bonds. Our team can help you diversify or complement a traditional portfolio with alternative investments, which include asset classes, strategies, and structures that often are different from traditional investments and employ hedging and arbitrage techniques using long and short positions, leverage, derivatives, private investments, and investments in a variety of global markets.*FAI *AI  Start the Conversation >
Banking & Lending Services

Access to Banking & Lending Services

Our team offers access to banking and lending services such as residential mortgages home equity lines of credit, securities-based lending, business financing, and credit cards through Wells Fargo affiliates. As your wealth increases, it’s important to consider how you use credit within the context of your overall portfolio to meet your long-term financial goals. Our team can put you in touch with Wells Fargo affiliates who can assist with your lending needs.*BL Start the Conversation >

*AA - Asset allocation and diversification strategies cannot guarantee investment returns or eliminate the risk of loss in a declining market.
*EP - Wells Fargo Advisors is not a tax or legal advisor.
*RM - Insurance products are offered through nonbank insurance agency affiliates of Wells Fargo & Company and are underwritten by unaffiliated insurance companies.
*FAI - Fidelity Research Institute, Institutional Asset Allocation: Vital Changes Ahead, March 2019, Large Institutions defined by assets under management great than $1 billion.
*AI - Alternative investments, such as hedge funds, private capital/private debt funds and private real estate funds, are not appropriate for all investors and are only open to “accredited” or “qualified” investors within the meaning of the U.S. securities laws. They are speculative, highly illiquid, and are designed for long-term investment, and not as trading vehicles. There is no assurance that any investment strategy pursued by the Master Fund (and thus the Feeder Fund) will be successful or that the fund will achieve its intended objective. Investments in these funds entail significant risks, volatility and capital loss including the loss of the entire amount invested. They are intended for qualified, financially sophisticated investors who can bear the risks associated with these investments. Investors should read the fund’s offering documents prior to investing.
*BL - Lending and other banking services available through Wells Fargo Advisors (NMLS UI 2234) are offered by banking and non-banking subsidiaries of Wells Fargo & Company, including, but not limited to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. (NMLSR ID 399801), Member FDIC, and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, a division of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Certain restrictions apply. Programs, rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change without advance notice. Products are not available in all states. Wells Fargo Advisors is licensed by the Department of Business Oversight under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act and the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions (NMLS ID 0906158). Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC, holds a residential mortgage broker license in Georgia and is licensed as a residential mortgage broker (license number MB2234) in Massachusetts.