Our reinsurance clients are Fortune 100 insurance companies, Service Contract Administrators, Reinsurance Agents and successful Auto Dealership Owners which offer extended warranty programs and place those funds in trust accounts. They recognize the complexities of reinsurance account programs and value partnering with our team to help them navigate these challenges. Advising reinsurance clients since 1999 our team has deep subject matter experience in all areas of designing, implementing, optimizing and monitoring reinsurance relationships to achieve our client’s goals.
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Insurance Companies & Service Contract Administrators

For over 20 years, our team has built a sound reputation for serving Insurance Companies and Service Contract Administrators. Our team has demonstrated a consistent commitment to serve this niche market and is the largest reinsurance focused team in all of Wells Fargo Advisors. Our expertise and service creates efficiencies and saves our clients time while ensuring they are delivering a competitive and compliant program. Start the Conversation >
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Foreign and Domestic Captive Insurance/Reinsurance Trust Accounts

As specialists in Reinsurance accounts our team has extensive knowledge and experience to help you navigate the selection of a trustee or custodian, formation of a trust account, aligning the trust assets to comply with the guidelines and optimizing the investments. We provide hands on support during the account opening process for Captive Insurance & Reinsurance Companies. Both earned and unearned premium reserve accounts. Start the Conversation >

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