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AAA 2023 Taxes thumbnail.jpgYour Changing Tax Picture

If you’re faced with a divorce, you need to be aware of a variety of general considerations about your tax situation. Read More

AAA 2023 House sale thumbnail.jpgSelling the House During Divorce

Dealing with a divorce can be a challenging situation. One of the most stressful parts of divorce is deciding on how to split up the marital assets including whether to keep or sell the family home. Read More

AAA 2023 Finance considerations thumbnail.jpgManaging Retirement Accounts

If you contribute to a retirement plan, such as a 401(k) or an IRA, you’re probably planning to use those funds to finance a significant portion of the expenses you’ll incur in retirement. In a divorce, you need to take measures to help protect these assets. Read More

AAA 2023 stocks thumbnail.jpgRestricted Stock

The rules governing divorce are complicated and also vary by state. Stock options and restricted stock create complications. Read More

AAA-Social-Security.jpgSocial Security and Divorce

If a couple has been married for 10 years or longer and they get divorced, the wife is entitled to half the husband’s Social Security provided certain provisions are met. Read More

AAA 2023 Finance considerations thumbnail.jpgFinancial Considerations

Now is not the time to overlook your finances. Each case is different, and there’s no pat answer. To help reduce the likelihood that a divorce will disrupt your tax and investment strategies, you need to understand a few fundamentals. Read More

Working with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®)AAA-Working-with-a-CDFA.jpg

Providing financial guidance to individuals facing divorce, and their attorney, through all stages of the divorce process. Read More


Checklist for Getting OrganizedAAA-Checklist.jpg

Materials to assemble to help your attorney and Certified Divorce Financial Advisor with your case. Read More


Divorce in 3 StagesAAA-3-stages.jpg

Viewing divorce in three stages while always focusing on your unique needs. Read More


AAA-Budgeting.jpgPersonal and Household Budget Worksheet  



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