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After the Storm: Make Your Disaster-Relief Donations Count

When disaster strikes, many Americans want to help by donating to organizations that provide aid to those in need. Read more 

Career Change Checklist: Are You Prepared

If you're considering a job or career change, it's important to do some homework before you make the leap.  Read more 

Retiring Single: 5 Strategies to Consider

Being single can bring a different set of challenges to planning for retirement. These five strategies can help. Read more 

Is Your Portfolio as Efficient As Is Could Be?

When you look at an investment's historical price performance, not its volatility - how frequent and how extreme the ups and downs have been. Read more 

3 Steps for Raising Kids with Money Smarts

Regardless of how much money a family may have, parents have a responsibility to teach their children about finances. Read more 

10 Reasons Why Beneficiary Designations Are Important

Beneficiary designations can provide a relatively easy way to transfer an account or insurance policy upon your death. However, if you’re not careful, missing or outdated beneficiary designations can easily cause your estate plan to go awry. Read more

Charitable giving considerations for 2021

If the COVID-19 pandemic’s far-reaching impacts have you looking to enhance your charitable giving, be sure to remember these tax-related considerations for 2021... Read more 

Supporting our community … and beyond

When looking for a firm to help you work toward your financial goals – whether it’s affording retirement, helping a child or grandchild pay for higher education, or making a luxury purchase, such as vacation home – you obviously want to find one with the resources you need. Read more

Five ways to help protect your family online

From listening to music to ordering groceries to working from home, almost all aspects of our daily lives are connected to the internet in some way. Read more 

Going Back to School: Tips on How to Pay for It

Going back to school can help you advance in your job, re-enter the workforce, or support a second act as you chart a completely new career. But what are the right strategies adults should keep in mind to help manage education expenses? Read more 

Selling your business to private equity group vs. strategic buyer

If you own a business, it can be overwhelming to think about selling it. One way to gain some control is to learn about your alternatives so you better understand what is best for you, your family, and your company. While buyers come in all shapes and sizes, perhaps the most sophisticated are private equity groups (PEGs) and strategic buyers. Read more 

Understanding donor-advised fund basics

Donor-advised funds went from 4.8% of total charitable giving in 2011 to 10.1% in 2020 and — despite all the events that occurred — grants from donor-advised funds rose in 2020 as did contributions, total charitable assets, and the number of accounts. That’s according to the 2021 Donor Advised Fund Report from the National Philanthropic Trust. Read more 

Tools available for family business transitions

Transitioning your family business to your heirs may sound simple enough, but in fact, doing it successfully can prove difficult. To help improve your transition’s chances for success, consider family business governance. Read more 

Giving well: How can philanthropy be more focused and fulfilling?

How much thought do you give your charitable giving? Do you simply write some checks or, more likely, visit organizations’ websites, make donations, and then get on with your day? If so, you’re not alone. But is that really the most fulfilling way to do it? Here are some insights from Kia Sullivan, lead fiduciary advisory specialist with Wells Fargo Wealth and Investment Management. Read more 

Grandparents can teach lessons about money and investing

Typically, being a grandparent is mainly about fun and games (and candy, of course). But you can choose to do more by helping teach your grandchildren about money, saving, and investing. Remember, the lessons they learn while they’re young may become so engrained they will help guide them well into their adult lives. Read more 

Consider these three suggestions if you inherit a trust

David “Chico” Esparza, Senior Fiduciary Advisory Specialist with Wells Fargo Private Bank, remembers meeting two clients, a brother and sister whose parents had passed away. “Unfortunately, their parents had not discussed their estate plans with the adult children. When the siblings learned they were the beneficiaries of a sizable trust,” Esparza recalls, “they had no idea what to do next.” Read more 

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