Our Clients

Our clients are business owners and professionals, typically hard workers who did not grow up with wealth. They want to protect and grow their assets to care for their families.

Clients come to KB Private Wealth Management seeking efficiency and organization of their financial life. They value our expertise and our comprehensive approach that aims to unburden them from the typical and ineffective siloed approach to private wealth management.

Our clients have a level of complexity in their financial lives, from owning a business or being in the C-Suite or a partner in a firm. Whatever the situation, they value our comprehensive approach to organizing and integrating all the moving parts to provide peace of mind and confidence in their private wealth management plan.

Our clients have similar concerns and priorities depending on their life stage. From education planning to charitable giving and providing financial security for their families, our clients count on us to listen, prioritize and actively manage their integrated plan.





A comprehensive integrated plan

Our clients’ financials tend to be multi-faceted and complex. They are relieved to have a team of trusted professionals who incorporate all elements into a comprehensive plan. Given many of our clients are self-made, taking care of one’s family is a top priority and often charitable giving is a long-term goal.

Business Owners Wealth Management

Business Owners

We help business owners integrate their business into their private wealth management plan incliuding all of the above areas, but often with an emphasis on the following:
  • Succession Planning & Exit Strategies
  • Family Governance
  • Tax Strategies
  • Credit Utilization
Professionals Wealth Management


We work with a wide variety of professionals, including those in the C-suite, doctors, partners and senior level managers, with all elements of their financial life. Common focus areas include:
  • Investment Management
  • Tax Strategies
  • Retirement Planning