KB Private Wealth Management Group - Unburdening the Client

Unburdening the Client

Clients come to KB Private Wealth Management for a wide variety of reasons, but usually there is frustration due to lack of clarity and progress. Annual meetings with past advisors are repetitive with little to no measurable progress made in between. In short, there is too much conversation and not enough action.

The client feels burdened with information overload and disjointed reports of his/her overall plan and priorities. There lacks a comprehensive view of how the pieces of the puzzle all fit together and, given the complexity of the client’s assets, there are inherent risks in a disconnected plan where none of the client’s advisors are talking to each other. All roads lead through the client and the client does not have the time nor the expertise to connect the dots nor coordinate the interdependencies. A siloed approach to private wealth management is ineffective at best and risks poor decisions that adversely affect fundamental goals of protecting and growing assets.

KB Setting a High Standard

We set out to establish a high standard in the industry for delivering integrated private wealth management services. As a team, we were confident there was a better way to serve our clients, providing them the confidence that their financial goals were being actively managed.

Integrated Private Wealth Management Services

KB Private Wealth Management client

What it means to the client

Our comprehensive approach to private wealth management means that all of the various elements that comprise our financial life are identified, organized and coordinated. From savings to wills and trusts, investments to insurance, business succession planning to stock options and tax strategies, we quarterback with your other trusted advisors to actively manage and attain measurable progress.

If there are areas where you do not have a trusted advisor, we will introduce you to such professionals to address all the components of your financial world.


Below is a Sample Listing of the Trusted Advisors Integrated into Our Process for Your Benefit

Family Governance

Life Care Advocates
Organizer / Estate Sale & Appraisals
Family Therapist / Psychologist
Special Needs Trust
Concierge Doctor
College Coach

Wealth Enhancement

Tax / CPA
Real Estate

  • Property Manager
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Real Estate Attorney
  • Mortgage Banker
Business Advisors / Professionals
  • Consultant
  • Employment Attorney
  • Business Attorney
  • ERISA Attorney
  • Business Valuation Advisor
  • IP Attorney
  • Benefits Consultant
  • HR Consultant
  • Banker
  • 401k / Retirement Plan
  • Specialist

Wealth Transfer Solutions

T&E Attorney
Wills & Trust

Asset Protection

P&C Broker
Life Insurance Agent
LTC Insurance Agent
Family Lawyer
Our Wells Fargo Advisors team of financial advisors can help you build a team of professionals with Wells Fargo affiliate products and services such as Wealth Planning, Private Banking, Trust and Fiduciary Services, and Insurance as well as various customized and more traditional lending products.

We define integrated private wealth management services.

Efficient and effective.


Client Unburdened.

Plan. Live. Enjoy.

KB Private Wealth Management Group Planning

The Power of Planning

A clear benefit of our innovative approach to integrated private wealth management is active management and execution. Unlike others where periodic meetings are conducted and limited progress is made, we are orchestrating the team of trusted advisors to affect measurable change. Our diligent team is focused on getting the agreed to priorities done on the client’s behalf.

Given our belief in the power of planning, we offer to meet with our clients and the trusted advisors at least annually. We understand that situations change and we value the opportunity to review and update priorities and review progress against goals so the plan is current and aligned with your goals.

Unique Elements of Our Approach Include:


Your Wealth Tree

The Integrated Wealth Management Plan

One resource for a summary of situation, agreed to actions, items completed and priorities and recommendations. This is your comprehensive integrated plan from KB Private Wealth Management. No more shuffling reports and statements to try to ascertain what if anything is getting done to grow, preserve and protect your wealth.
These three words describe who we are and guide everything we do for our clients.

Are you ready to experience integrated private wealth management services?