Season of Milestones - Update Wealth Plan

The Season of Milestones: Making Sure your Wealth Plan is Aligned

It’s a wonderful time of year and a season of milestones. For children of all ages, this season brings great joy as milestones are achieved: from kindergarten graduations to final days of elementary school, high school graduations and college commencement ceremonies. Proud parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends gather to celebrate.
From school milestones to summer weddings, a common sentiment of the guests gathered to celebrate is how quickly time passes.

Planning for Milestones

The wonder of living is that milestones continue. There are more to come: the first apartment, the first job, an engagement, welcoming a baby, becoming a grandparent, and retirement. Each milestone is an opportunity to look ahead with anticipation and wonder what lies ahead. You may find yourself asking, “Am I well-prepared for what’s next for my family?”

For a proud parent of a kindergarten graduate, elementary school is next. In the blink of an eye, middle school and high school and then off to college. Celebrating the milestone and living in the moment is a gift, as is planning to align one’s wealth plan with future milestones while accounting for the unknown.

We wish you great joy as you celebrate loved ones’ milestones this season. We are here to review and revise your plans so you have the confidence that your integrated wealth plan reflects and accounts for the milestones ahead.

Celebrate and enjoy every step along life’s journey. We’re here to help.    

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