Managing An Inheritance Or Financial Windfall

Receiving an inheritance or windfall of money, may often accompany a highly emotional time. It may even create more financial stress than it relieves. You'll probably never regret taking a little time to decide how to use your inheritance wisely.  Since an inheritance or windfall may arrive in many forms, before making any major financial decisions, you may wish to talk over inheritance planning details with an attorney, a financial advisor and tax professional.

At Rudin & Rubin Financial Group of Wells Fargo Advisors, our objectives are to help you manage, grow, and protect your wealth. By employing investments and other financial tools, we will formulate and execute a plan for managing your money.  In many cases, we will also serve as the quarterback of your financial team, coordinating with accountants, lawyers, and other professionals.

We will begin with a high level view of the impact:
  • Asset type and value. What type of assets will you receive – a house, other real estate, a business, stocks and bonds, retirement plans, IRAs or life
  • insurance? What is the estimated value?
  • Timing of distribution(s). When will the assets be available? Will you receive your inheritance immediately or will it be distributed over time?
  • Tax implications. What taxes might apply to these assets?

Let Us Help You Mange This Phase In Your Life

When your life and financial situation changes, working with Rudin & Rubin Financial Group of Wells Fargo Advisors can help you make informed financial decisions about your inheritance or windfall and help you plan for your goals and dreams.

Wells Fargo Advisors is not a legal or tax advisor

This article was written by Tony Rubin, Financial Advisor, in Minneapolis at 612-340-4589