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From Dreams… To Goals… To Flexibility… To Confidence

Our goal is to help you take a proactive approach to your personal financial situation. We are dedicated to helping you make sound decisions for your financial future. Helping you gain a better understanding of investing, retirement, estate planning strategies, and wealth preservation. Most importantly, we hope you see the value of working with us to pursue your financial goals.

Retirement Is One Of Life’s Most Significant Events

Transitioning from the workforce is an exciting time. It’s a time to reinvent yourself, to reconnect with family and friends, and to redefine your life goals. Retirement can also be a time of uncertainty. You need a responsive advisor who listens, understands and addresses your concerns, granting you the confidence to approach your new era with enthusiasm, purpose and vitality.

The Importance Of Your Financial Decisions

As you progress from the accumulation mode of wage-earning and saving to the financial distribution phase of retirement, your money choices acquire even greater significance.

It’s critical that you have a trusted advisor to educate and guide you toward wise financial decisions that balance long-term security with considerations like family, travel, housing, and philanthropy.

After a successful career, you’re likely looking forward to retirement with a mix of both excitement and trepidation. This welcome transition can be daunting, especially when it comes to investment planning. Rudin & Rubin Financial Group of Wells Fargo Advisors can help you prepare for a rewarding retirement, while mitigating financial risks – so you can live comfortably and also preserve some of your wealth for the next generation.

Understanding your needs

Developing your plan

When it comes to retirement, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ model. Each of our clients has different life circumstances, different wealth levels, and different retirement dreams they want to achieve. We get to know you on an individual basis; then we create a customized investment plan is designed to connect you, your wealth, and your unique retirement goals in the most meaningful way possible.
  1. As you plan your retirement, these questions will help you stay focused on preparing a solid wealth management strategy.
  2. How will you plan to manage growing healthcare costs as you age?
  3. Do you understand Medicare, and are you aware of the deadlines associated with securing comprehensive health insurance
  4. How long should I be planning for? What is my life expectancy?
  5. When should I claim Social Security?
  6. What are my income sources during retirement?
  7. How can I monitor my spending in retirement to avoid prematurely depleting my investments?
  8. What if I need extended nursing care that could deplete my assets?
  9. Is my investment portfolio allocated appropriately?  Has my capacity for risk and time horizon changed?  Does it need to change?
  10. Have you accounted for inflation?
  11. Who will make medical and financial decisions for me if I become incapacitated?
  12. Now that my income sources are limited, how can I monitor my spending habits?
  13. Which types of accounts should I withdraw from first – taxable, tax-deferred or tax-free?

Customized Retirement Planning

Dynamic Planning That Grows With You
Retirement planning should never be a ‘set-and-forget’ project either. Life continues to evolve. As your advisor, we help you to develop a dynamic retirement strategy that adapts to whatever changes and opportunities your future yields. We use sophisticated modelling and explore a number of ‘what-if’ life scenarios to create a flexible path. We review these with you to ensure that your financial and retirement priorities remain aligned.

 Working together for a solid financial future

Rudin & Rubin Financial Group of Wells Fargo Advisors can help bring your retirement plan to fruition by helping to coordinate your cash flow needs with longevity risks, as well as balance your income and spending. Whether you need investment guidance, healthcare planning, an asset protection strategy, advice on charitable giving or help planning your estate; investment plan work toward helping you achieve your goals and objectives – so you can strive to afford to retire comfortably.