Meet Our Professionals

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Our experienced professionals maintain a high level of engagement with a select client group of individuals and families. The Stutzmann-Moore Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors possesses a vast array of experience in the financial services profession.

The team is a combination of strong credentials, common values, diverse talents, and excellence in client service. Peg Moore and Mark Stutzmann are the lead associates in the practice and spouses in real life. At the urging of clients and diverse centers of influence, they merged their separate practices and moved to A.G. Edwards in 2006. Each brought divergent skills and attributes to the merger. This enhanced productivity and diminished the redundancy that characterizes many team structures. Jason Bockrath is highly regarded by clients and the practice, and contributes meaningfully to the team's success. He has worked alongside Mark for more than 17 years, is responsible for the service interface, and manages operations and complex documentation in compliance with the firm's and industry's regulatory requirements. 

In addition, Karen Grozenski supports Jason in his demanding role and adds familiarity with newer technologies that enable client “communication” across a widening range of preferences.  Ashley works closely with Peg and Mark in all aspects of the business with a concentration on the next generation client.