Making Sure We’re a Good Fit

At the heart of our wealth management process is planning. Focusing on what is most important to our clients, we work to align their financial lives with their personal beliefs and values.

We lead each new client through an extensive planning process to help identify and articulate the client’s priorities and risk tolerance. Our team’s advisory-based style fosters a relationship of guidance through a goals-based process, and this becomes the road map for our recommendations. It fuels the vision for each of our clients to pursue their objectives and live the life they have planned for themselves and their family.

A Mutal Opportunity: The Fit Process

When we first sit down with you, we expect you to consider:
  • How you feel about us
  • Our approach to investment planning
  • Your desire to begin a long-term relationship with us

At the same time, we’ll consider:

  • How we feel about you
  • Your objectives and our ability to deliver on them
  • Our desire to begin a long-term relationship to you

Once we have completed the fit process, we move forward with the following:

Data Gathering

  • We schedule an appointment and send a checklist of documents that are important to create a clear financial perspective.
  • During the meeting, we review statements and other information and start creating a financial strategy action plan and/or investment plan. Both tools are foundational in tracking critical life events and evaluating the progress of your portfolio and its intended objectives.

Recommendations and Implementation

  • The next meeting is our opportunity to review progress, explore recommendations, and together determine the next appropriate actions.
  • Following implementation of your portfolio recommendations, we schedule review meetings, arrange invitations to various events, and provide additional opportunities to further develop our relationship.

As an additional part of our service and with the clients permission, our team communicates with other professionals who advise the client to coordinate, design and implement the strategies that can help achieve the client’s goals. We rely on a network of external field-area specialists who provide technical advice as required, such as attorneys and accountants.