Peg Moore:

It's not the fact that someone has the money or the resources, it's what can that offer them? What can they do? Can they do something in the world that they wouldn't have been able to do without those financial resources? Can they educate a child, take care of an elderly parent, you know, create, you know, a safe environment for somebody who's, you know, been abused? What can that resource do? And as a conduit with a professional background, I can help people once I understand what they need and they want, what they dream about, what they fear. How can they make a difference? And I can be at the facilitator for them. Clients only are human. They have one life to live, and for me, when I'm able to engage with that other person in a way that's meaningful and that they feel safe and they feel confident and they have that little extra "I can do this" because I become their biggest cheerleader or I'll become an advocate for them or something they're doing. On a personal level, one of the most meaningful things I've been able to do is help a family when the family member was failing – you could tell they were cognitively failing – and be that intermediary that allowed the family a safe space to get the financial resources aligned to let the patriarch of the family let, go get everything implemented in a way that he would be safe, his wishes we be cared for, and he was able to live out the rest of his life. And through that, I worked with three generations in several families now when there is that horrible, sad diagnosis of Alzheimer's. And if you can be a person that can create a safe space, be professionally tuned in so that you can arm the person who's going to be taking care of him so that they're safe, and that the family can do what they need to do financially, personally, and socially It's very meaningful.

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